Saturday, October 1, 2011

So we are in Alaska now. God is good. We have really seen him move in our lives in the past couple weeks. We can happily give you the update that Chandelle is doing great! God healed our pup. The vet didn't know if she'd make it but two weeks later she is perfect. Her shattered shoulder is healing without a splint or surgery. Her lungs which were filled with blood are doing great. Her stitches are out. She limps a little but that should go away soon. There's no getting beyond the fact that she was miraculously healed by God. We are so thankful. She should be joining us up her soon :)

The trip to Alaska was long but beautiful. We went through Iowa, Minnesota, North Dakota, Montana, and Canada. We spent part of a day in Canada at a natural hot spring. We were swimming in hot tub like water and it was cold out. The mountains were beautiful too. We have started to settle in even though we miss everyone. We both have jobs. Ryan loves his. He has already gotten to fly in a float plane with a coworker. I have only worked one day- but so far I like it. I'm teaching toddlers. God is good. Below are some pictures from our trip :)