Monday, April 27, 2015

Stand Strong and Light Up the Darkness

A lot has happened since my last post. We have seen God working in our lives. A few weeks back I walked into church barely able to walk. Clinging to my husband for balance, I went forward for prayer. After that Sunday, my vertebrae are back in place and so is my hip. I can walk and even hike now. Recently we went on a five mile hike. The girl who could barely stand through a worship set at church is now hiking.

We, also, had a financial miracle. We came back to the States without insurance. It was an emergency. I was in the hospital for a week getting testing done because I had the symptoms of a stroke. I did not want to go because I was worried about the cost- but the situation forced me. We applied for financial assistance and recently got a letter saying my hospital stay was completely covered.

These are only recent miracles. Looking back I see God's hand in so many things. I cannot tell you how many times God has come through for us. You would think with all of these amazing things happening life would be easy- but the hits keep coming. For every victory, Satan has come back hitting us harder trying to keep us down. We believe that part of my health issues has been from a curse being put on me. I have not just been facing health problems but spiritual oppression and attacks. I have tormenting visions. I plead the blood of Jesus over me and they go away- but they keep coming back. With my health, I am healed of one thing and then comes something else.

I know I am not the only one experiencing this. We have a list of people we pray for daily that need miracles. The darkness is trying to extinguish our light. It is trying to keep us from becoming who God created us to be. They have it wrong though. It is in darkness that the light shines the brightest. Why can't you see the Northern Lights in Alaska during summer? Because there is no darkness then. It is in the cold, dark nights of winter that the sky is lit up. It is out in the bush of Africa with no city lights that the stars shine so bright. See the irony is that when things are going wrong, when we are in the midst of trials- that is when our faith comes out if we let it. There are times I want to run in fear. I want to say "No more. I can't fight." But God has been showing me I don't have to fight. I just have to stand on the Rock (Jesus). The battle is His and He has already won. 2 Chronicles 20:15 says, "Do not be afraid or discouraged because of this vast army. For the battle is not yours, but God's." We can't do it- because He has already done it.

It is easier to stand if others are standing with you. So this is my invitation to all who are struggling. Let's stand together. Share just your name or your prayer request. When God answers or another attack comes share that too. If there is interest, I would like to start a facebook group for us to stand together in prayer for each other.