Saturday, October 26, 2013

Quick Update

Dumela! (Greetings) We have made it to Botswana. This post will be fairly brief. I just wanted to give a quick update. I basically have 2 things to share.

A. We are in Africa. So far we are enjoying it and working on adjusting. Jet Lag has been rough. We had not fully gotten on a schedule when we moved from Alaska so we were still pretty much on Alaska time when we moved here. There is a 10 hour difference. So our bodies are having to adjust. In addition we are working on learning the language and the culture. They do speak English but we are learning some words are different from English in the States. For example Ryan asked for a napkin at a restaurant and the waitress gave him a look. Over here they are serviettes and napkin is the word for diaper. We are also are learning to convert dollars into pula (8:1) and Fahrenheit to Celsius.

B. If you saw my "We're Having a Book" post you know we were hoping I was pregnant. Unfortunately that is not the case. I have started using some natural remedies and we will see if that changes things. I'm hoping for improved health and anything else is just a bonus. Like all things I am learning it has to be in God's timing. He knows what is best and I just have to trust. I have to let go and believe. Obsessing over it makes me miserable and does not change a thing.

So like I said I am going to make this brief and leave it at that. Hopefully later I will be able to write more. Please pray for us as we adjust to our new life and culture. Thanks :)

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

The Story Behind: "We're Having a Book"

So I know I have been writing a lot about Africa lately. This post is going to get back to being more about infertility. Just a heads up.

As many of you know Ry and I have been trying for over five years to conceive. It has been quite the roller coaster. Infertility is so hard. It attacks you in every aspect: physically, emotionally, mentally, and even spiritually. Your body becomes not your own. While you are in physical pain and can be subjected to many doctors appointments and medicines. Those medicines can make you feel even worse. Ask Ry- I was not me while taking Clomid. It works for some people but not me. Then there is the constant monthly (if your cycle is even normal) reminder that you aren't pregnant. That can leave you in tears for days. You can beat yourself up about it and second guess everything you did that month. Maybe I drank too much coffee. Should I have ate more broccoli? And sometimes you wrestle with God. I cannot tell you how many times I have asked Why me Lord? So any way you look at it- infertility sucks. Sorry no other word to describe it. It is messy and can reek havoc on your marriage. When your hormones are making you psycho and you cry at the drop of a hat or get hurt/angry over nothing. Not the stuff Disney makes movies about. Just saying. (Luckily I got a good guy who stands by me and understands when I have my crazy moments.)

So long intro to get to the story of yesterday. With infertility being so hard sometimes even in the hard stuff you have to step back and laugh. I am late. That may explain my ranting. But anyway, yesterday I broke down and took a pregnancy test. Now I have taken at least 50 of these tests. I have taken so many we should have bought stock in them. Seriously. So after taking it I get:


What? I start getting upset. I KNOW how to take a pregnancy test. Why is there an error/ look at instructions message. Then the thought is whispered in my ear. Let's have fun with this. Instead of crying or stomping my feet in anger, I needed to laugh. So I saunter downstairs test in hand and wave for Ry to come over. I take his hand and lead him upstairs. Then in my most serious voice I said "Babe. If I am reading this test right (long pause) we are having a BOOK." The look on his face was priceless. After it all set in we both started cracking up and even posted it on Facebook.

So why am I sharing this? Life is HARD. Everyone faces trials of some sort. Jesus told us their would be trials. So we can focus on the hard stuff and be miserable. Or we can let it go and enjoy our life.

Jesus doesn't just leave us with a warning saying we'll have trials. The verse continues on to say:

John 16:33, " I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world."

Take heart guys. Jesus has overcome it all. Don't let your trial bring you down. Let it make you stronger. 

PS. Now I am not saying this because I have it all down pat. I struggle with this too. 

Friday, October 4, 2013


In 17 days God-willing we will be in the air on our way to Botswana! (Well South Africa first- then Botswana) It is crazy to think we are almost there. We've done so much prepping for it and have so much still to do. It just almost doesn't seem real. I am scared of the unknown and leaving dear family and friends. But I am excited too. I know this is the path God is leading us down. A couple days ago I saw on Mandisa's facebook page,

"We often think our calling comes when we follow bliss, when actually it comes when we face our greatest fear. Your calling is where your talents and your burdens collide." from the Catalyst Conference
Africa will be combining my talents and my burdens. I have been told that I am good with kids and teaching. Also, that my spiritual gift is mercy. My burden is helping kids, especially orphans. So combine all that and you get me teaching and loving on orphans. That is what I'll be doing in Africa. That is what excites me so much I feel like I am going to burst. I can't wait to go even if it is just to impact 1 kid. My heart starts to race and I get goosebumps when I talk about helping those kids. 

But then there is the human side of me. The side that rationalizes that this is BIG. We aren't moving to another state. Alaska is kind of like its own country because its so different from the lower 48 but its still part of the US. We are going to a different continent and hemisphere. It is a huge change. Different language. Different money. Driving on the other side of the road. Using the metric system. Ect. It is overwhelming and scary.

So what do you do? Let fear hold you back or push past it and make a difference (or at least try)?  It'd be easier to stay in my comfort zone but that is not where I am supposed to be. So in 17 days we are taking the leap. Believing in faith that God will catch us and take care of all the scary stuff. Please pray for us as we go on this journey. I also want to encourage you if God if calling you to take a leap of faith. Trust Him and go for it! Let me know what it is so we can pray for you too.