Tuesday, December 13, 2011


I'm on my lunch break and Chandy is wanting to play- so I don't know if this post is going to happen or not. I'll do my best to share what's on my heart and hope it all makes sense.  For those of you that know me well you know I am a planner and a worry wart. I like to know what's coming and what to expect. But I have been learn that things don't always turn out the way we plan. Actually more often than  not they don't. That's not necessarily a bad thing though. I've learned that even when I don't see how it will work out and my plans are falling apart that its because I am focusing on me. I should be focusing on God and trusting Him to take care of it. He does tell us to cast our cares on Him. Ry and I had a budget problem this month. I won't go into the details but according to my math our bills weren't going to get paid. I cried when we got our paychecks because I didn't think it would be enough. But we prayed and when I calmed down and we did the bills somehow there was enough. I still can"t explain it but I learned God's math is different than mine. And then there is our fertility issue. I want a baby so bad and I'll get down in the dumps about it. Then God will bring someone to encourage me. I met a couple women who weren't supposed to be able to have children that have kids. These ladies didn't even know my situation but by sharing they uplifted me. And then there is Chandelle. Ry and I laugh because we swore we would never be those people whose pet becomes their baby but now we are those people. Chandy fills a lot of that void in my heart from not being a mom. So I don't know if I've made my point but here it is: God will provide. I don't know what those of you reading this are going through but I do know that God can take care of it. He has always taken care of Ry and me. We still have wants but as far as our needs they are all covered. Things may not turn out how you expect but have faith and it will turn out :)


  1. Keep praying. He has a plan for you both. I wasn't supposed to have children, and you've met my 3 miracles. You guys will get your little miracle. I'll keep you guys in my prayers.
    -melissa at BBELC

  2. Thanks Melissa. I'm praying for you too. When the timing is right it'll happen