Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Doing Alright in AK

So it has been awhile since I wrote. We have been really busy and are enjoying the sunshine up here. The sun rises around 5:45AM and sets around 10:00PM. We will continue to get more sunlight until the summer solstice in June. A lot of the snow has melted and there have been days that we've been comfortable in just a tee shirt and jeans. Its been nice enough that we bought flip flops for this summer.

Something happened this week that caught me a little off guard. I was helping out in the kindergarten room and the kids started asking me questions. It started with are you a teenager or grown up? I kind of laughed at that one. Then they asked if I was married and if I had kids. I said I was married but didn't have any kids. This inevitably led to why aren't you a mom? One of the little girls told me that I should be a mom because I would be a good one. Normally those conversations lead me to tears. I don't handle the why aren't you a mom question well. This time, however, for the first time I did not cry. I did not even get upset. I just felt a rush of peace. I know that God knows the answer to that question and when it is time then it will happen. I just have to wait and enjoy my wonderful life in the meantime.

I just wanted to write and let everyone know that we are doing well up here. We do have a couple of big things possibly happening so we can still use some prayer though. I promise to update when anything is finalized. Below are two pictures from our hike at Thunderbird Falls two weekends ago.  We had a blast.



  1. Jenny, I pray for you regularly. I really miss having you close (even though you weren't in town that long).

  2. You could probably get away with answering 'teenager' for the rest of your life :) I'm so glad that you and Ryan are enjoying the beauty of Alaska! That is such a cool picture of you in that tree. And I say ditto to Tanya's post!

  3. Thanks. I miss you guys and pray for you too. I wish you guys were up here with us.