Tuesday, March 12, 2013

recap and fast forward


I know its been awhile but life has been super crazy. I recently had a birthday and after bdays I like to look back over the year. A lot happened over the past year of my life.

*  I started a new job teaching 4th grade. It was a big change from preschool but I really enjoy it.

* We explored a lot more of AK. We still have a lot of places to go though.


 North Pole


* I started driving again. We only had one vehicle until this winter. So now I drive a truck. It has been an adjustment- especially when its snowing or icy. 

*We have kiddos now. That was probably by far the biggest thing that happened this year. I can't say its always been easy. Like life it has ups and downs. There have been those moments though that you can see that this is what God wants us to be doing. It has given me some clarity to our whole infertility struggle. If we were able to conceive we might not being doing this. We probably would not have the impact we are having.  Its been a big reminder that my life is not my own. I could just live my life how I want to but then I would miss out on so much God has for me. I don't want to be so focused on this life that I miss out on the eternal. I'm not sure I'm explaining this well. All that to say I know God has big things in store for this next year. Please pray for us as we try to sort out which path God is leading us down this time. Thanks :)

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  1. This has been an interesting year for you, but it sounds like a good one.