Tuesday, March 8, 2011


So this week has already been pretty therapeutic for me. Sunday at church was amazing. The pastor spoke about Joshua and how we want the land of milk and honey but sometimes we have to struggle to get there. The band played a song after the sermon and I just started bawling. Not little tears, my eyes were flooded with tears. I could not stop crying. It was such a release. So often I feel that I have to be strong and not show that I am hurting. It felt so good to stand broken before my God who loves me. I was reading my textbook for class by Mark McMinn. He writes that, "healing relationships with God and others were established when brokenness and need were openly acknowledged" and "the gift of pain draws us into community with God and one another." Pain is not fun but if you bring that pain and brokeness to God, He can heal you. He may not take away the pain, but He will give you the strength to stand through the struggle. So whatever your struggle is today bring it to God. He does care and is listening.

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