Saturday, March 26, 2011


So I went to my regular doctor Thursday. He diagnosed me with a UTI and most likely an ovarian cyst. He strongly recommended I see my gynecologist. So I broke down and went yesterday. When I told the receptionist who scheduled the appointment, nurse, and doctor that my last period was January 5 I got mostly the same reaction. A look or a tone of confusion. 80 days without a period and you are just coming in now. They didn't pry to find out why but I could tell they were wondering. They did an ultrasound and I most likely had a cyst that had burst. The pain was from that and the UTI. She also wants to do a blood serum pregnancy test in 2 weeks and if it is negative put me on Provera or the pill. I really do not want to do either of the 2 options. She said you should go past 3 months without a period. So I do not know what to do. Please pray that I just start on my own or that maybe I miraculously am pregnant. I am really tired of this. I know that testing of my faith makes me stronger and that I have to trust God's plan, but those things are much easier said than done. Right now I am weak. I am in pain and tired all the time. I want to stay on God's path for me.

Sanctus Real is one of my favorite bands. I've posted their lyrics before. 2 songs that have really been playing in my mind when I get upset about this crazy situation are These Things Take Time and The Way the World Turns. God has a purpose for all of this and I need to focus on Him. Below is a link to the song. I have to realize I may not understand the why but I have to keep trusting.

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  1. Hey sweetie! You know what is right in your gut and you just need to do that. If you dont want the pill dont take it but if you do take it. I love you and miss you! xoxoxo Wish I was there to make you dinner. :-(