Friday, April 1, 2011

trust me

I want to start this blog with a prayer request. My husband's grandpa is in the hospital. I don't have many details yet.
This week I've felt God telling me the same thing a lot. He keeps whispering in my ear "trust me." That should be easy right? He did create everything by just speaking it into being. He calmed the seas and quieted the storms. He knows me better than I know myself. So why am I struggling with this? Why do I need to keep being told each day? I wish I did not struggle with it. There is such peace laying your burdens down at Jesus' feet. This is one that I keep picking right back up again. I win for a couple days and then the hormones or heart break of the situation gets to me. Then back up it goes. Does anyone else find themselves doing the same thing? Today I want to let go. My prayer is that I can give it to God and leave it with Him. It is so hard trying to do it yourself.
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