Friday, March 4, 2011


Okay so I found some time :) So much is going on in our lives right now. No baby yet, but God is opening doors for us that we thought would not open. Doors we were told could never be opened. So there is a lot of excitement and stress in this house. I'm not going to post details on here yet until we are sure that things will be happening, but if you want to know call/ text/ e-mail me and I'll update you :)

As far as my health, I am doing much better. Thank you for your prayers. I am on day 59 of my cycle. I should be having my second period, but I'm still waiting for my first.

So two things have come up this week that I want to share. First, I wrote a huge research paper about foster care this week. It broke my heart all of those kids without homes and the negative affects it will have on their lives. Ry and I have thrown around the idea of adoption, and it is still something we are strongly considering. But like the situation above, God would have to open a lot of doors.

The other is a quote I read for school. It is from Integrative Approaches to Psychology and Christianity by David Entwistle. He summarized C.S. Lewis by saying, "Lewis argued that the ability to identify something as a miracle actually depends upon knowledge of the normal rules of nature precisely because the miraculous does not fit the normal and expected pattern. In his view, a miracle is not something that breaks the rules, but is an intervention by which something new is introduced into nature, which nature accommodates." God does miracles, but since they are not the norm people get skeptical when they want a miracle. God intervenes for us. I think miracles happen all the time, but we seek a rational excuse to explain them away. There are several miraculous pregnancies in the Bible. If it happened back then, what is to keep it from happening now? My dream is to be a mom. Right now it will pretty much take a small miracle to get me there. But I am still believing.

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